Prince Imrahil, brother-in-law to the Lord Steward, has long been privy to Denathor’s inner thoughts and worries. With the recent upscale in attacks on Osgiliath and the departure of Boromir to Rivendell at the request of Elrond Halfelven, Imrahil is well aware of the dire straights Minas Tirith is in. Being the lord of the Swan Knights, he is a shrewd tactician and knows that without reinforcements, his family and the whole of Gondor are at risk.

In usual times, the best and brightest of Belfalas would have been recruited into the Swan Knights. However, in these troubled times, Imrahil recognizes that Minas Tirith’s need is greater than his own. He therefore is gathering those who were being considered for sponsorship as squires and is sending them on an errand for the whole of Gondor. Additionally, he has representatives scouring for even common folk who stand out, displaying great skill that had they been born in more prestigeous families, would have all but guarenteed their candidacy.

Three ships have been commissioned to sail from Belfalas along the western coastline to reach the lands of Cirdan, as was done in ages past. War is brewing, and Imrahil knows well the signs. These backed by the increased reclusiveness and paranoia of Denathor has forced his concern to become action. The people of Dol Amroth are the closest to True Numenoreans, and he hopes that this common blood will ease the reception men would have amid the Elves of Lindon.

He met with each of those going on this journey, telling them the importance of their role. A portion of the meeting would detail out why they were chosen and that they will represent Dol Amroth as this assignment is at his request, but their allegiance must first be to the White Tower and to Gondor. In recent missives with ranked officials of the city, it was agreed that they would replace the coming season’s recruits into the Tower Guard with the Prince’s candidates – one of the few Orders more prestigious than the Swan Knights in all of Gondor. All of this of course, is only if the candidates survive, and while final elevation to one of the Tower Guard will be determined by their own behavior, loyalty and skill.

Within a week, the ships were off, for none would dare refuse the Prince. The trip was non-descript until a violent storm raged one night, off the coast of Minhiriath, near the Baranduin. The wreckage hit on the southern side of the mighty river, separating them from the lands beyond. At least one ship survived, but they crews were separated and the fate of the other ships were unsure. The surviving crew began to make their way along the river to find a place to cross, but the current was too strong and threatened to drag them back to the sea.

When they finally found a place shallow enough to cross without risk of losing what few items they carried with them, the group could now see the Blue Mountains to the west. Those same mountains were to the north when they landed. Knowing the general area by ancient maps of Eriador and the North Kingdom, they followed the river to the base of the Blue Mountains and began following them. Onward they traveled, to the gap that would lead to the Falathlorn and where they would finally make contact in the Elven city of Duillond, on the borders of the kingdom of Cirdan.

Here is where we begin…

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